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Howard Kaikow

Howard started working in the computer standards community more than 30 years ago. He has participated in US and International standards committees primarily via ANSI, ECMA and ISO. He has served as chair, vice-chair and editor for a number of committees

Howard may be best known for his pioneering efforts that led to the ISO 9660 standard and its predecessor, the High Sierra format, the underlying file system for CD-ROM used by all of us every day. Howard was one of the main architects of the High Sierra format and the ISO 9660 CD-ROM standard, as well as being one of the authors and the driving force that resulted in the rapid acceptance of the standard.

Howard was one of the original members, back in 1974, of the X3J2 BASIC standards committee of ANSI accredited standards committee X3. Howard feels that he must accept some of the credit/blame for the ancestors of VBA.

In 1993, Howard became interested in using Microsoft Word macros to facilitate commenting on and writing standards. Howard’s interest grew from there.

Howard did his undergraduate work in Economics at C.C.N.Y and graduate work in Economics at the University of Michigan, University of Maryland and University of Minnesota.

Formerly with the University of Minnesota, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Data General and Digital Equipment Corporation, Howard is now independent and the services he provides are listed at his web site http://www.standards.com/.