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Date: 4 March 1999 (Last revised 9 November 2002)
From: Howard Kaikow (
Subject: Cross-Platform Word macros

Prior to Word 97 for Windows and Word 98 for MacIntosh, Word macros were programmed using WordBasic. Since Word 97 and Word 98, Word macros are programmed using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Macros may be written for both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

In my opinion, one of the great strengths of Microsoft Word is the ability to write cross-platform macros. It just takes a little bit more planning when writing the code.

WordBasic macros written in versions prior to Word 97/98 might even be modified so that they will run, using the WordBasic object, in Word 97/98 and later versions of Word. With a bit of work, the macros may even produce the same results in all versions.

However, I do not recommend trying to use WordBasic macros with Word 97/98 and up. It is far better to bite the bullet and convert to using VBA. This avoids many of the problems I mention in Word Basic is broken in VBA. Not to mention that VBA is far superior to WordBasic as a developent tool (ouch, that hurt, it is painful to praise Microsoft!).