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The GetDiskSpaceUsed program is a Visual Basic 6 program that will list information on how much disk space is used on each drive.

Columns in the list are TAB delimited so you can open the file with Word/Excel and format the list as desired.

The percentages in the table are hard coded. You may edit those cells for alternative calculations in Word/Excel.

Each list file is recorded in the same directory in which you have placed the executable file.

There is no installation necessary, just directly run the program.

The program was not designed to run in an operating system earlier than Windows 2000.


Requirements for running the program

In order to run this program, you will need to have installed either Visual Basic 6 or the Visual Basic 6 run-time files. If you have neither, then you can download the Visual Basic 6 run-time files by following the instructions in VBRun60.exe Installs Visual Basic 6.0 Run-Time Files.