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Copyright 2006 by Howard Kaikow. All rights reserved.

Date: 5 May 2006(modification of 3 May 2006 document)

Author: Howard Kaikow <>

Subject: Compare Drives program

Note: This description applies to version, and later, of the program.

Download the latest version of the CompareDrives program

Read this first:


The Compare Drives program will create a list of the differences between logical drives. Let us call these the First drive and the Second drive. It is suggested that the First drive be the older of the two drives. The program will provide the following information:

The program can be used to determine differences between logical drives.

Originally, the program was intended to determine which files were included in an incremental/differential backup.

This is accomplished by mounting the virtual drives that are included in the backup at one point in time, and mounting the corresponding virtual drives from a backup that was done at another point in time.

The program can then be used to determine the differences between various pairs of logical drives. The process will take anywhere from less than 1 second to several minutes per drive, depending on the speed of the computer and the number of files on each drive.


The program outputs a text file for each pair of drives compared. Each file will be created in the directory in which you have placed the executable file. The file will be named First-Second.txt, where the selected drive letters are used instead of First and Second.


The program was compiled using Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (with SP 6).

In order to run this program, you will need to have the following installed:


I have developed the program using Microsoft Windows 2000, but expect that the program will work in other Microsoft Windows operating systems. I am aware of only the following restrictions:

Running the program

There is no installation necessary, just directly run the program by double-clicking on the HK-CompareDrives.exe file, or by using a shortcut to that file.

When you run the program, a Visual Basic 6 Form will be displayed that looks something like the Form below. The Form was designed using a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024.

The Form includes the following controls.



CheckBoxes and SpinControls

Select the drives you wish to have analyzed.
Update Drive List If you have added, removed, or changed logical drives while the program is running, you must tell the program to update the drive list.
Exit Exit the program.