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Date: 25 April 2009

Author: Howard Kaikow <>

Subject: Page File Usage Monitor program

Download (version

It has come to my attention that a number of web sites around this planet have copied various versions of PageFileUsageMonitor to their own web sites. Only the latest version should be used, and you can only be assured of getting the latest version by downloading from this web page.

In addition, at least two of those files have all numeric names, which makes them suspect as I have never released such filenames.


I was wondering just how much of my system's paging files were being used, so I threw together a Visual Basic 6 program to report the information shown below.

The program reports on the current Windows session, so you should run the program just before you reboot or power down the system.

You may start the program, and have the information updated at an interval you specify while the program is running. You may wish to start the program immediately after rebooting. You may wish to minimize the Form to get it out of the way.


A log file named PagefileLog.txt is recorded in the same directory in which you have placed the executable file. .


In order to run this program, you will need to have the following installed:

I have developed the program using Microsoft Windows 2000, but expect that the program will work in other Microsoft Windows operating systems meeting the above requirements.

Running the program

There is no installation necessary, just directly run the program by doubleclicking on the PageFileUsageMonitor.exe file, or by using a shortcut to that file.

When you run the program, a Visual Basic 6 Form will be displayed that looks something like the Form below. The Form was designed using a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024. You may minimize the Form to get it out of the way.

The Form includes the following controls.



Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Milliseconds

The update interval will be the sum of the values you enter. For each unit of time, you may choose one of the preset values or type the value.

Update: Causes the information displayed, and added to the file, to be updated at the specified interval.

Stop: Stops the updating.

Exit Exit the program.

Pagefile on a removable drive

If you add a pagefile to a removable drive, the operating system might not ask you to reboot the system.

If you do not reboot the system, the OS may supply incorrect values to this program. I have seen this behavior in Windows 2000, not tested in other operating systems.

You should reboot after making a change to the number, or sizes, of pagefiles.