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Microsoft Word: Converting WordBasic macros to Word VBA macros

Prior to Word 97, Word macros used WordBasic. Word 97 through Word 2003 use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

The Help for VBA includes the useful topic "Visual Basic Equivalents for WordBasic Commands". Used in conjunction with the books listed in WordBasic books and Word VBA books, you should get a good jump start on converting WordBasic to VBA.

There are a number of problems when converting WordBasic macros to Word VBA. The following are some thoughts on this subject:

WordBasic is broken in VBA
An example of converting WordBasic to VBA
Case Else may disappear when importing WordBasic into VBA

Howard Kaikow's services are available, for a fee, to assist in converting WordBasic macros to Word VBA macros.