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From time to time, I give or seek advice on using Visual Basic in newsgroups and web forums. In order to share that knowledge, I may, from time to time, post information at my web site.

In some cases, the code is complex, or requires the construction of a Userform. It is easier to communicate such information by providing the files for a project.

At this time, I am making available the following:

  1. Some of the VBA code I have posted elsewhere on my web site may be applicable to VB.

  2. VB code for listing the tags in a TIFF file: HKTIFFTagDump. This code might not work with all TIFF files. Further investigation would be needed to generalize the code.

  3. Copy File To Printer: Copy a raw text file to the printer.

  4. Font List: Get a list of the fonts on your system.

  5. Page File Usage Monitor: How much of your page file is actually used?